My 2014 Beauty Favourites

Hundreds of products go through my hands every year in this job. I don't blog about them all, I don't love them all. Some I like, some I really don't; some work for me, and not for others, and then there are those I love! People always ask me what my favourite products are, and although I do have  small core number of musthaves, what I use does change from month to month, depending on new launches. So, I have had a wee look back over the year, … [Read more...]

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

When I first saw this palette last month, I thought 'wow'. It's a heck of a palette, beauty fans. And, the cleverest bit of all? It's all in the name. It's called the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette because 14 shadows transform into 28  with just a little water. And, they really do transform, remarkably. Some of them get more vibrant, some get deeper, some turn metallic and others sparkle! The possibilities with this palette are endless. The … [Read more...]

New Lip Pencils from Bobbi Brown

A lip pencil is one of those essentials that I always seem to be on the hunt for. They disappear, like socks, and kirby grips. Where do they go? I will be keeping a tight hold of any of the new Bobbi Brown Lip Pencils which went on counter this month. Bobbi has expanded her lip liner offering by adding some new shades, and bringing back some old favourites, so there are not a total of 19 lip liners. That's pretty immense, when you really think … [Read more...]

Boots No7 Christmas Makeup

Three little parcels under my office tree  - all full of lovely Boots No7 makeup for the three Christmas looks the Boots brand have created this year. No7 have put together three quite different Christmas makeup looks, and invite you to create your look, and show it off on social media with the hashtag #TaDah. In the blue parcel, it's Evening Elegance, created with navy eyeshadows, high impact mascaras, deep blue nails, and radiant complexions. … [Read more...]

Dear Santa …Christmas Beauty wishlist!

What beauty gifts are on your Dear Santa letter this year? There are so many fantastic beauty gifts to choose from, I whittled my list down to, er, 11 (I couldn't decide between the Benefit gift sets!) and here it is! Is there anything on mine that takes your fancy? Let's start at the top! How fabulously glamorous is the YSL Wild Edition Collector Palette (£69, with amazing eye, lip and cheek products in a leather case? … [Read more...]

Smashbox Contour Kit

I am not, and probably never will be, a big fan of the Kardashians. They're not really on my radar, if I am honest But, of course, you can't completely escape them, can you? And one thing I have paid a wee bit of attention to is how their love of contouring sent  that particular makeup trick to the top of our beauty tips lists! Here's Kim in that famous contouring image. I had my makeup done once for a ball, a good few years ago, and the … [Read more...]

Zelens launch colour range

Dr Marko Lens is the consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon behind the brand, Zelens, a brilliant skincare brand with products which combine natural ingredients with expert science for great results. Now, he's branching into colour with the Zelens Active Colour range  - but this is makeup with benefits, if you like. Every product does more than just add colour to the skin. There are 10 products in the range, from bases to blush, to lip … [Read more...]

Tom Ford Christmas Colour

Tom Ford has some new makeup on counter this month in his 'Holiday Colour' Collection. There aren't many new products at all - just a few eye colours and lipsticks, but the overall effect is as stylish as you would expect from Tom! The idea is to use these new products alongside existing Tom Ford products to create a gorgeous look. For Tom, there is nothing more dramatic than the perfect lip. So, the new Tom Ford Lip Colour Matte (£37) is a rich … [Read more...]

Eyelure at Marks and Spencer

Eyelure are another brand now available at the ever-expanding Marks and Spencer Your Beauty. Eyelure repackaged and revamped their products recently, and the packaging is great. It has an almost masculine vibe to it, don't you think? A sort of vintage, apothecary style. But what of the products? Well, there are loads, and they're all pretty good. I've just tried out the Eyelure Permanent Tint for Brows (£9.95), which was something new for me - … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Scotch on the Rocks

Bobbi Brown's winter collection is Scotch on the Rocks. Not that it's reminiscent of Scotland, in any way, but rather inspired by legendary Lauren Bacall, the screen siren, who passed away earlier this year. We wonder if love of her life, Humphrey Bogart has scotch in his glass, in this festive family portrait with their son, Stephen? It's a sumptuous, luxurious collection, with gorgeous palettes (of course!) and every other product you could … [Read more...]