Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Nudes

It is fair to say that Bobbi Brown has embraced colour in the last few years. But nudes are her thing. And I do wonder how she consistently manages to reinvent the nude look, and come up with best-selling new products, that are, essentially just a twist on the last. The latest nudes range from Bobbi for this AW14 season is Smokey Nudes. So, it's a sort of lighter version of a classic, dark, smokey eye, as Bobbi explains: "I created this … [Read more...]

Scottish Beauty

Scotland is all over the news this week, and today we go to the polls to decide our country's future in the Independence referendum. Let's leave the politics behind, but celebrate our fantastic little country, by celebrating Scottish beauty! Here are a few of my favourite Scottish beauty brands out there. Who would you add to the list? 1. THE TRU BRAND SaraJane Lynch is the founder/creator/drivingforce/guineapig for her own beauty brand which … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation

YES! It's another foundation! It's all I seem to be reviewing at the moment. This latest is from the queen of bases, Bobbi Brown, and it's a compact powder foundation. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation is a bit different to the others I've been trialling of late. I have quite a lot to say about this one, so bear with me! Most powder foundations start as powder that is pressed into a pan - this one is different because it starts as a … [Read more...]

bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation

Yep, it's another new foundation! This one is quite interesting, because it's a liquid foundation, from bareMinerals. Mineral makeup is powder, right? Well, yes and no.  bareMinerals is a long-time detractor of liquid foundations so how do they justify bringing one out? Er, like this. Okay, I'm not actually going to share the whole press statement with you, because you may be asleep by the end of it. I've read it, and read it again, and what it … [Read more...]

Illamasqua Once

The latest autumn collection to land on my desk recently was the Illamasqua Once collection - and how pretty is Once?! The idea behind the collection is the beauty of old and new. Decadent and lavish, dabbling with rich textures and autumnal, delicate colours. "Once is the beauty of the burnished, eroded and erudite," says Creative Director for Illamasqua, Alex Box. "A palette inspired by the gentle and exquiste point when a flower starts to … [Read more...]

Smashbox Love Lips

Two new products have recently launched at the Smashbox counter -both for lips. I am REALLY excited about the first one, the Always Sharp Lip Liner. I was stupidly impressed with the Always Sharp Eye Liners when I saw them last year - and wrote about them here. But as I actually wear Lip Liner more than eyeliner, this launch is way more exciting. It's the same principle - the liner is sharp, you use it, it goes blunt, then you twist the lid back … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown launches Ask Bobbi App

Bobbi Brown has launched the new ASK Bobbi App, and it's pretty good if you're a big beauty fan. I've had a play around with it, and there's a lot you can do. Discover recommended products, expert advice, how-to's and you can shop straight from the App, via Features on the App include: Want a long wearing makeup look? ASK Bobbi sends you a step-by-step guide. Need to book an in-store Makeup lesson? ASK Bobbi directs you to … [Read more...]

Boots No7 launch Match Made Lipstick Service

Mmm. This is one beauty launch this week that saw a raised eyebrow in your beauty blogger. Boots No7 Match Made Lipstick Service reminded me a little of 'having your colours done', my absolute first pick for Room 101! I despise everything about this philosophy. Who on earth is anyone to tell me what colours I should be wearing, based on my skintone and hair colour. It flies in the face of everything I believe about fashion being an expression of … [Read more...]

New Foundations from Estee Lauder and Clarins

Foundation is BIG news this autumn/winter in the beauty world. It seems like everyone is launching a new base product - and all with new technologies and claims. More and more, foundation is becoming an integral part of a skincare routine, not just a makeup base. Estee Lauder and Clarins are the latest two big guns to lunch their latest foundations. Clarins bring out True Radiance SPF15 foundation next month, and it promises to even, illuminate … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy

Estee Lauder's AW14 colour collection is all about the eyes - more specifically all about the new Pure Color Envy Sculpting EyeShadow 5-Color Palette. There are a whopping TEN of them in all sorts of gorgeous colour mixes for the perfect eyes. There are dramatic shades, accentuated with timeless nudes, lighter shads to lift and luminate, mid-tones to shape and contour and deep tones to deinfe. The textures are all there too, from velvety mattes, … [Read more...]