Makeup Deals for Halloween

Are you heading out this weekend for Hallowe'en? Have you seen some of the AMAZING makeup tutorials out there on social media? We are currently loving French vlogger and Youtuber, Marion Moretti AKA @marioncameleon. She has uploaded a horror-themed look every day this October - you must check them out on her instagram! This black cat is anything but cute!   View this post on … [Read more...]

YourGoodSkin launch Revitalizing Foam Wash

YourGoodSkin is the Boots brand I blogged about last year - it launched with a fanfare, a US collaboration sold in Walgreens and Boots exclusively, co-created with scientists, dermatologist, and a community of thousands of women. Today there's a new product in the range, which fits perfectly into the brand's 3 Minute Method of looking after your skin. Which isn't rocket science - it's essentially cleanse, tone, moisturise. The Revitalizing … [Read more...]

Kiss The Moon for that extra hour!

An extra hour in bed always makes me happy, but for many getting a good night's sleep is difficult, never mind adding an extra hour in.So when the clocks go back this weekend to mark the end of BST, you might need a little help in relaxing. There are no real 'cures' for insomnia, certainly not in beauty products, but there are some lovely ranges out there to help you relax and get into the right state of mind to sleep. Kiss the Moon is one … [Read more...]

NEW Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palettes

If you are in the Cult of Charlotte, you probably know all about the new Luxury Palette of Pops already. What are fans of this massively successful brand called? Tilburians? Charlottans? Hmmm, that maybe doesn't sound right!  Charlettes?! Whatever, there are a lot of you out there, and CT just keeps on producing new products. The latest are these Luxury Palette of Pops  - eyeshadow palettes that are all glittery, perfect for this time of … [Read more...]

Chanel Hand Cream and a Manicure maybe?

It's Friday, time to treat yourself! Chanel launched a new handcream last week, and what's more pampering and luxurious than applying a sumptuous cream to your hands? Watch any old movie, and they're all at it, sitting at their dressing tables before bed, applying hand cream. It's a habit we want to get in to! And in the winter, it's a habit we all need to do more of to avoid uncomfortable dry hands. If you fancy the Chanel cream it's La … [Read more...]


MY husband gave this new AVEDA CHERRY ALMOND COLLECTION  the thumbs up for the smell alone. I, on the other hand, have an aversion to all things marzipan-y, which is what this smells like. If you are a Bakewell fan, you are going to love it! The new collection is 98 per cent naturally derived, silicon-free, and vegan. The two products - Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner, have been formulated to leave your hair soft, shiny, and … [Read more...]

Drunk Elephant lands in Scotland

Yes, that is a beauty blog post title, and not a strange wildlife story! If you're a new beauty brand fan, then chances are you will have heard all about the latest buzz-brand to launch in the UK - Drunk Elephant. It hit Space NK stores this month, and there's a tour going on  - more about that later - but, for now, let's have a wee look at the beauty brand currently grabbing all the headlines. The name is great and comes with a cool story - … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Pinks With Purpose for Breast Cancer Month

Another Breast Cancer Awareness Month product just landed on my desk - two actually, in the shape of these lovely Pinks With Purpose from Bobbi Brown. An Estee Lauder company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has launched this cute lipstick duo for this year's Breast Cancer Campaign. Evelyn H.Lauder co-created the Pink Ribbon in 1992, and it has become the universal symbol for breast health. The Breast Cancer Campaign has raised more than $76 million … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Beauty Buys

It's October again, and in the beauty world that means a plethora of pink products for Brest Cancer Awareness Month. It seems a little low-key this year. Maybe I'm just not getting the right releases. It's not only Estee Lauder Companies that run breast cancer charity initiatives in October, but it was Evelyn H Lauder who launched the campaign in 1992 with the co-creation of the Pink Ribbon, the universal symbol for breast health. The Breast … [Read more...]

Orly Deep Wonder Winter Nails Collection

Whisper it, but this is the Christmas collection from Orly. Yep, Deep Wonder is all about sparkle, shimmer, a bit of a different take on classic Christmas reds, and it's lovely. Orly polish is great, and these six new shades are fab. It's so hard to choose which one as a favourite.The richly pigmented colours are inspired by futuristic party wear, and I love the deep green shimmer, Retrograde, and the purple shimmer, Nebula,  the most, I … [Read more...]