Don’t tan without P.A.M!

Fake Bake's International Training Manager, Lisa Fulton's top tips for a flawless self tan application start with "don't tan without P.A.M"! (Prepare, Application, Maintenance)Scrub away dead skin cells for even penetration of the tanning agents. Apply the correct tanning product for your skin tone/type. Moisturise daily to lock in colour, hydrate the skin, and prolong your tan. Always wear gloves to protect the palms of the hands from … [Read more...]

Luscious Lashes


A lick of mascara can make a huge difference to defining your eyes, and I personally never leave home without a good coat on my lashes. I feel bare without it.But beyond mascara there are plenty of enhancing ways to make the eyes flutter.Eyelash TintingIf you don’t like wearing mascara every day or are going on holiday, play a lot of sport or have very fair lashes, eyelash tinting can give you the added definition without having to wear … [Read more...]

Heavenly Hair


Thick, luscious locks are a sign of youthful, healthy, glamorous hair – but some of us need a little help to reach our full potential! If your hair is more flat and limp that bouncy and full, there are a few tips and tricks that can transform it to a goddesss like mane!A quick simple technique for added volume and root lift is back combing. Using a fine toothed comb, lift sections from the crown area and comb backwards towards the root, set … [Read more...]