StriVectin-AR Night Treatment – the return of Retinol

The older I've become, the more important night-cream has become. Having dry skin doesn't help - waking up with a 'tight' feeling was awful, and was so easily resolved when I started using a night cream. I sometimes use my day cream at night - my winter cream is rich enough, but there are so many night creams and treatments out there, it's good to give them a go. Recently I have been using StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment. Products … [Read more...]

Final piece in the Plantscription jigsaw?

Two years ago, I began using a brand new anti-ageing serum from Origins. Coming up to the big 4-0, I was desperate to try anything to stave off the impending wrinkles and fine lines! Plantscription promised to do that, with mainly plant extract, and two years later, I am still using it, and constantly getting compliments about my youthful looks! Since the launch of the serum there have been more additions to the Plantscription family - eye … [Read more...]

Tooth Gaps at Holly Fulton AW13

Have you seen the pictures of the models and their tooth gaps at Scottish designer Holly Fulton's AW13 London Fashion Week show? I love them! I've got a bit of a thing for gappy teeth - Georgia May Jagger, Madonna, Dalle, my friend Jane - they all look fab! MAC created the make-up look for Holly Fulton's show, and French star of Betty Blue, Beatrice Dalle, was the inspiration. Makeup Artist Andrew Gallimore created a simple and effective look … [Read more...]

Get the Look – Jessica Biel and Fudge

Gorgeous Jessica Biel looked amazing at the Tom Ford London Fashion Week show thanks to Snowden Hill, senior member of the Fudge senior art team and global session stylist who gave her a fabulous 1960s up do, which Justin Timberlake seemed to love!   Snowden used two products on Jessica's hair - Hot Hed Style Whip (£13.95) and Skysraper Hairspray (£9.45) - to achieve her vintage-inspired look. “Working with Jessica was an absolute delight. … [Read more...]

Clinique Chubby for Eyes – they’re finally here!

They were supposed to be launched last year, but after a while on hold, the Clinique Chubby  phenomenon marches on, this time to your eyes. Clinique's Chubby Lips have become their best-selling product since their launch a few years ago, so let's see how the eye version fares. The new Chubby Stick Shadow Tint For Eyes, to give them their full name, are also £16, and deliver a wash of sheer, buildable long wearing creamy eye colour. They are … [Read more...]

Guerlain’s beautiful Spring

Spring is most definitely in the air, even in February, don't you think?! The sun is shining and the birds are singing, and it's time to think about Spring beauty collections. Most of them have been on counter since January, but if you haven't indulged yet, then have a look at Guerlain. This beautiful old beauty brand are more than just a lipstick - they're like a beauty event. Everything is so utterly glamorous, all wrapped up in delightful … [Read more...]

Superdry does makeup

Cult Japanese clothing brand Superdry is branching out into the beauty world with a brand new range of cosmetics. They're pretty cool, all urban and full of "technical components, metallic twists,and neon silicone details", according to their press bumph. The collection has pretty much everything covered, from lip-glazes, to blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, mirrors, tweezers, nail files and brushes. The packaging is bright and bold, metals mixed … [Read more...]

Beauty Bargain – Valentine’s Love from M&S!

We can all spend a fortune on beauty products, but we don’t need to. Every week, I’m going to bring you my ‘Beauty Bargain of the Week‘  – a product I’ve used, and would recommend, and that, on most occasions, costs less than a fiver! What’s not to like! It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, but who needs chocolates, flowers, fancy dinners or the like? Everyone can embrace the Valentine's love, married, coupled up or single, with these cute as buttons … [Read more...]

The fashionable blister treatment from Compeed!

I've always been a fan of fashion illustrator, Jordi Labanda. I've had notebooks, pen holders, bags,mirrors and all sorts throughout the years with his lovely fashion illustrations on them...and now, I have blister plasters from COMPEED! Jordi Labanda has designed a special, Limited Edition pack of their Blister Relief plasters, which will be available first off, at London Fashion Weekend (FEBRUARY 21-24), part of London Fashion Week. The … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown goes pink and red for Valentine’s Day

Pink or red? Pink and red, according to makeup guru Bobbi Brown, whose Pink & Red Collection is on counters now and perfect for Valentine's Day makeup! "With this collection, I took an unconventional approach to the season's traditional colour palette," says Bobbi. "The Pink & Red Collection isn't about matching your lips, cheeks and nails. It's about deliberately mismatching. I love pink and red worn together. It's a very modern mix - … [Read more...]