Beauty Advent Calendars

There was a time when there were just a few beauty advent calendars out there  - now? There are DOZENS of them. It's actually almost impossible to collate them all. So, I have picked 15 for you to have a look at, with varying prices and designs. Bear with me, this is a LONG post! First up is this year's calendar from Arran (Arran Aromatics have rebranded and dropped the Aromatics). Their A Sense of Christmas advent calendar (£45, ARRAN shops, … [Read more...]

October Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Launches

It's not just the Estee Lauder Companies that campaign and raise money and awareness for breast cancer charties in the beauty world. GHD annually launch limited edition pink versions of many of their tools, and have so far raised  £9 million for breast cancer charities across the globe and this year they want to increase that number to £10 million. GHD make a donation from every electric pink styling tool you buy to Breast Cancer Now. Choose … [Read more...]

New Additions to Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil range

New hair products! I do love a hair product. My hair needs them, after all the grief I've put it through most of my life with constant colouring and bleaching! Bumble & Bumble are brilliant - I've used lots of their products and I've never come across any yet that I really don't like (apart from one range, which did nothing for my hair, but that was more my hair, than the products!). The Hairdresser's Invisible Oil range launched in 2014, … [Read more...]

Sunshine Yellow Beauty

The sun's been shining for the last few days, and how happy does it make us? I love yellow - so, because the sun is now disappearing again, I thought we'd have some fun with some sunshine yellow beauty! Here's a few beauty products -yellow, or in lovely yellow packaging, to bring a little bit of that sunshine back to your beauty routine! I'm saying 'Yay for Yellow!'   Let's start with yellow nails - guaranteed to bring joy to … [Read more...]

Linda Lusardi launches Hair line

Sam Fox is in the Celebrity Big Brother house - and is a favourite to go all the way to the final. But let's focus on another former Page Three girl from the 1980s - Linda Lusardi - and her newly launched haircare line. The Page Three girls were huge celebrities back in their day, and most of them moved on pretty quickly from flashing their boobs in the newspaper, to other showbiz based careers. Sam became a multi-million selling popstar, and … [Read more...]

Get Fully Loaded with TIGI Bedhead

VOLUME is where it's at with hair. We all seem to want our hair to be bigger and bigger, and it's not that hard these days with a plethora of volumising and thickening products on offer. The latest I've had a look at is the new Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded range. Addressing the growing trend for messy styles with a sense of looseness and rough, textured volume. Designed with the trendsetter in mind, all four products have been designed to give … [Read more...]

Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is here! For a few days at least, so get those summer beauty essentials bought! You might need them again this year, and we should all be changing up our beauty routine in the summer months anyway. For Face, Body and Hair, there are loads of fab products you should try - these are just some of my favourite. HAIR Your hair should change in the summer, certainly when on holiday at least. Let is go free! Embrace the curl, leave the … [Read more...]

Ojon launch Thickening Styling Mist

There has been a huge trend in the haircare world of late for thickening products. Not volumising, but actual  thickening, where the hair shaft is actually expanded, and volume isn't just added to the hair. Ojon are the latest to launch one - the Damage Reverse Thickening Styling Mist for Volume & Lift. Having dyed  - and more worryingly bleached -  my hair on and off for all of my adult life, my once-thick hair has become a bit fragile and … [Read more...]

Paul Mitchell Yacht Club Collection

I love a bit of nautical fashion - it's so clean, and crisp and summery. So, I love Paul Mitchell's new Yacht Club Collection. The campaign visual makes me want to drop everything, and head off on a yacht - I can dream! The collection includes brushes, styling tools, and special product sets. The Yacht Club Volume On Deck Duo (£23.50) comprises of Extra-Body Daily Boost, a fab product for giving fine hair a boost of volume at the roots, and … [Read more...]

Travel Sets and Minis

There are SO many good things about holidays, but sometimes the cosmetic limit isn't one of them. If you only have hand luggage, and are a beauty junkie, it's a nightmare. Likewise if your hold luggage limit isn't that high - what do you leave behind? Luckily, there are now travel versions of pretty much everything you need - and some lovely sets you most likely don't need, but really feel the need to buy! Jo Malone Little Luxuries are … [Read more...]