Aveda Thickening Tonic

Aveda Thickening Tonic

Apparently, when we claim we want volume in our hair, we actually mean thickness. According to Aveda, and lovely expert Bea Watson, who I shared breakfast with the other week, to chat all things hair, thickening is a real issue for many women. Bea explained that, although we think it's just volume we need, what we are actually looking for is the thickening of our hair, strand by strand, not just adding a bit of volume to the roots, and then … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder’s Crowning Glory

Estee Edit Floral Crown Tutorial

Have you had a look at the Estee Lauder blog, the Estee Edit yet? It is lovely. If you are a fan of Estee Lauder, and Aerin Lauder, then I would suggest having a wee look. One of the nicest posts on recently is all about how to create a stunning floral crown, inspired by Lauder's classic scent, Pleasures.It's classic Lauder, of course - almost too perfect to be true - and I am not sure if I tried, I'd be able to ably replicate the … [Read more...]

Blonde like Kim Kardashian?

kim kardashian blonde hair

So, it wasn't Kim's backside that broke the internet, in the end - it was her hair. Yep, it seems that even in 2015, someone bleaching their dark hair blonde is, well, quite frankly, AMAZING. But it's not really, is it? In these modern times we live in, those hairdressers can work magic. Although, granted, going from dark to blonde in a day is not really achievable - or advisable.I know, I've been there. It took me longer than a day - a lot … [Read more...]

Boucleme, Thandie Newton, curls and frizz…

thandie newton frizzchallenge hair

Thandie Newton has frizzy hair. Don’t worry, she’s fine with it. I’m not insulting the actress; actually it’s completely the opposite. Thandie, who runs a fab website with make-up artist Kay Montano, called ThandieKay, launched her #frizzchallenge last year, when she decided to embrace the frizz. “Every curly haired person shudders at the word ‘frizzy’”, wrote Thandie. “If you’ve got curls you want them articulated and defined – NOT … [Read more...]

Rush to M&S for haircare launch


Marks and Spencer has recently announced a collaboration with southern English based salon chain, Rush, producing Rush The Salon Range, which is available exclusively in M&S Beauty stores from February 15.The range includes nine products, including  Silk & Gloss Multi-Use Oil, Body & Bounce Light Hold Mousse, Lift & Defy Root Lift Gel, Command & Control Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion, Big & Bold Volumising Spray, Shine and … [Read more...]

5pm Staff New Year New Look: Nikki


This week we've shared the hair transformations of our 5pm staff members Allison and Jennifer.Today's we're sharing our third and final 5pm Staff New Year New Look from our Business Development Manager Nikki.Copper hair Nikki, who has just jetted off on a three week holiday to Australia, had months ago spotted a photograph of a model with vibrant copper hair.She had tucked it away at the back of her mind and every so often had thought … [Read more...]

5pm Staff New Year New Look: Jennifer


To bring in 2015, we’ve given three of our 5pm staff members a new year new look. Our second staff makeover is Jennifer Aryanmanesh, our Spa & Beauty Customer Care Advisor.Turning 30 can do strange things to people.It's a long way from a mid life crisis. But it still feels like a milestone, a farewell to the proper daftness of youth.Our Jennifer reaches this milestone in September. So with the remaining months she had, she wanted to do … [Read more...]

5pm Staff New Year New Look: Allison


To bring in 2015, we've given three of our 5pm staff members a new year new look. Our first staff makeover is Allison Kerr, our Customer Care Team Leader.Our Allison has spent the last few years growing her hair.It's now long and flowing way past her shoulders. But having reached her hair goal, she's been feeling a bit restless.So she decided 2015 was the perfect time for a change. Fringe Anyone who has ever seen the photos of … [Read more...]

My 2014 Beauty Favourites

beauty faves 2014 two

Hundreds of products go through my hands every year in this job. I don't blog about them all, I don't love them all. Some I like, some I really don't; some work for me, and not for others, and then there are those I love! People always ask me what my favourite products are, and although I do have  small core number of musthaves, what I use does change from month to month, depending on new launches. So, I have had a wee look back over the year, … [Read more...]

Hair Drying Hacks!


This is a really funny infographic from those clever people at coolblades.co.uk on hair drying.How annoying is blow-drying your hair? Not at all, after you've read this!  There are some fantastically cool tips on here that I wouldn't have dreamed of! Did you even know you could get hair dryer stands?Anyway, I'm not going to say anymore - go take a  look - it might revolutionise your hair-drying technique!   … [Read more...]