Beauty Kitchen Launch Subscribe & Save Service

Scottish brand Beauty Kitchen is making sustainable beauty even more attainable with its brand new subscription service - Subscribe & Save. Beauty Kitchen aims to save 100 plastic bottles a year per household from ending up in landfill with this new initiative. It's available exclusively from the Beauty Kitchen website, and as well as buying into sustainable beauty, you will also save up to 58% off your favourite natural, organic, vegan … [Read more...]

Pink Hair Don’t Care – 5pm Hair Deals

I've had pink hair since December. It's my second foray into the #pinkhairdontcare brigade, and I love it. If you feel like a bold colour change, then make an appointment here at 5pm Spa and Beauty and become the hair colour you should be! I was also just kindly gifted this conditioner and shampoo duo to use in between colour appointments to brighten up my pink. I think it's maybe a bit darker than my pink - the photo on the left is after using … [Read more...]

Face Mask for Men with Beards!

Sometimes beauty products land on my desk that seem a bit absurd. This was one of them - the New Skinbuddy mask for men with beards. Granted it does look a bit mad, but there's method to the madness! Facial sheet masks are one of the most popular and effective treatments to help improve the appearance of the skin through hydration – and are used to help with ageing, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. Most conventional sheet masks are … [Read more...]

Christmas Beauty Crackers

Christmas Crackers are getting a bit of a name for themselves this year, for being wasteful. But hopefully, there isn't too much in these lovely beauty crackers that isn't recyclable or reusable. And all of the plastic cracker pieces I have used here are vintage ones I purchased to make into jewellery. The jokes are recyclable - but we already knew that right?! These make cute gifts, lovely table gifts if you are feeling generous, and just a … [Read more...]

Christmas Beauty Baubles

If you need a cute little gift for the beauty fan friend or relative (or cat-sitter, or Secret Santa!) then how about a cute beauty bauble? Festive fun with beauty benefits - you can't go wrong. AND...they won't break the bank. These lovely little gift sets are a token of affection, and some of the baubles can be reused, and popped on your tree year after year, or passed on with new treats inside. Here are a few of my favourites this festive … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly, ethical hair care from Ireland and Scotland

I've been trialling some new haircare in the last few weeks - both independents, one Scottish, one Irish, and both eco-friendly and ethical. Moo Hair is Edinburgh-based, founded by mum and daughter team, Suzie and Olivia Gillespie, and We Are Paradoxx is Irish-based, founded by Yolanda Cooper. Both are ethical, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, and have very similar product ranges. So let's have a look at them in more detail, starting with … [Read more...]

End of Summer Beauty MOT with 5pm Deals

The clocks go back this weekend, marking the official end of summer, and sometimes it can be a bit depressing thinking about all those dark nights, and winter weather ahead. So, pamper yourself! Give yourself a treat. Think of it as a wee MOT for the new season - change your hair colour, paint those nails, spend some time in the salon. Here are five ideas for a great end of summer treat. There are also plenty more brilliant deals on all sorts of … [Read more...]

New Autumn Hair Colour? Grab a Deal with 5pm

Autumn is the most colourful of the seasons - all those gorgeous rusts, ochres, yellows, oranges and reds. Are you feeling dull yet? Maybe it's time to bring some autumn magic to your hair with a new colour? You might fancy a full head tint, a peachy surprise, an auburn change, or you might want to try balayage, or foil colour. Whatever way you want to change your hair for the autumn season, you can do it with a deal from 5pm Spa and … [Read more...]

Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Range from Shea Moisture

If your hair needs a bit of help after summer, and perhaps thanks to over-zealous bleaching and colouring, and use of heat tools, then here's a new range from Shea Moisture to try. I really love this haircare range, and this new stuff smells delicious! But then I love yoghurt and honey, so much so I wanted to eat these! These deep conditioning, reparative products are formulated with certified organic Shea butter, Manuka honey and yoghurt … [Read more...]

Fringe Benefits with 5pm

Forget the crowds, the flyers, and the sore feet at the Edinburgh Fringe, which is in full flow now - the only fringe I am interested in is one of the hair variety! I'm currently sporting my hair in a curly style - see this previous post - complete with a curly fringe. Fringes come and go from year to year - they're hard to handle in the heat, but they can also give you mega cool points - look at Debbie Harry and Florence Welch for example? They … [Read more...]