Masking January

If there is one thing you do to to treat yourself this January, slap a face mask on! Masking is big in the beauty industry, and it's a simple way of indulging yourself and giving your skin the nourishment it deserves. January is a long, cold, hard month, and we're all expected to be pounding away in the gym and eating nothing but kale. It's an unrealistic expectation even of the most hardcore of healthy living fans! But we can look after our … [Read more...]

Clarins DO Contouring!

Clarins launch a contouring palette this month. It's limited, and I am interested to know what Clarins fans will make of it. Contouring is a massive trend in beauty, but is it on the way out? Perhaps. But there is still a market for it, and this new contouring palette will tap into that. It's a pretty simple palette with three shades, to create flattering angles,  to enhance features, to give a luminous complexion that has defined contour and … [Read more...]

The Estee Edit and where to get it!

Back in May this year, Estee Lauder launched The Estee Edit, with a little help from Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim. Like Estee Lauder's little sister, this brand within a brand is full of fabulously innovative and fun products, and is now available online. Last night in London, Irene Kim helped lanch The Estee Edit's first stand-alone store, in Carnaby Street. Such is the brand's popularity that their own store was  given, and if you are in … [Read more...]

Lipstick Queen Smokey LIP kit.

Yes you read that right - Smokey LIP, not smokey eye. Lipstick Queen - that's Poppy King- has launched the Smokey Lip Kit, which creates a deep, dark, autumnal, smokey, lip by layering lippies. The kit contains two lipsticks - one of them the Black Lace Rabbit, a sheer black lippy with gold flecks through it. There are two kits available, each with a different base colour of Sinner, the brand's core full coverage satin matte … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Arden’s NEW Prevage Foundation and Brush

It's rare to get a foundation these days that is simply a foundation, and this new one from Elizabeth Arden definitely does not fall into that category. The new Prevage Anti-aging Foundation SPF30 is for women who want a gorgeous foundation, an extra layer of environmental protection, and anti-ageing benefits all in one product. For over a decade, Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage skincare line has been at the forefront of environmental skincare … [Read more...]

The Perfect #Selfie Products

Sometimes, I get press releases that give me a bit of a laugh. Actually, scratch that, A LOT of the time, I get press releases that give me a bit of a laugh. This latest one did. How to get the Perfect #Selfie, it says, with just four products. I know it's just the PR showcasing their products, but it did make me smile. All that effort for a photo...! Those four products are: The Instant Whites  teeth whitening system (£29.99, Boots), a … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown open Edinburgh free-standing store

BOBBI BROWN fans get down to Edinburgh's George Street and into the newly opened Bobbi Brown studio! It's the second free-standing Bobbi store in Scotland, and you are going to love it! The fab space has everything Bobbi you could ever need! Sometimes it's hard to believe that the brand began life in 1991 with an edited collection of 10 lipsticks! From those ten lippies, a massive global brand has grown, and it's probably one of the best, … [Read more...]

Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Vert

New private blends from Tom Ford launch at the end of August, with a new note for the brand. For the first time, Tom Ford introduces unexpected dimensions of green. Ranging from florals, to citrus, to deepest woods, Les Extraits Vert is a curated collection with a very 1970s feel. Apparently the ingredients used in this collection are rarely used in modern perfumery, so these are something quite different. There are three new fragrances to … [Read more...]

More Matte Lips – this time from Clinique

Matte is DEFINITELY the new black, to use fashion parlance in the beauty world! Matte liptick is everywhere, and everyone has one. Last week we looked at Boots SEVENTEEN's new mattes, this week it's the turn of Clinique. Clinique's new mattes are in lipstick and liquid form. So, there's the Clinique Pop Matte Matte Lip Color + Primer (£16), and the Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Color + Primer (£20). The former is the lipstick format, and … [Read more...]

The Bronzie Tanning Mitt

It's another gimmicky beauty product today, but this one I do quite like. It sort of reminds me of my Granny drying me after a bath as a kid, so it makes me very nostalgic - maybe that's why I like it. The Bronzie 'Got Your Back' tanning mitt is a revelation in tanning mitts and is actually a pretty simple idea- aren't they all?! Bronzie, the company, started out with an actual Bronzie - that's a onesie to wear after tanning. Who … [Read more...]