More Matte Lips – this time from Clinique

Matte is DEFINITELY the new black, to use fashion parlance in the beauty world! Matte liptick is everywhere, and everyone has one. Last week we looked at Boots SEVENTEEN's new mattes, this week it's the turn of Clinique. Clinique's new mattes are in lipstick and liquid form. So, there's the Clinique Pop Matte Matte Lip Color + Primer (£16), and the Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Color + Primer (£20). The former is the lipstick format, and … [Read more...]

The Bronzie Tanning Mitt

It's another gimmicky beauty product today, but this one I do quite like. It sort of reminds me of my Granny drying me after a bath as a kid, so it makes me very nostalgic - maybe that's why I like it. The Bronzie 'Got Your Back' tanning mitt is a revelation in tanning mitts and is actually a pretty simple idea- aren't they all?! Bronzie, the company, started out with an actual Bronzie - that's a onesie to wear after tanning. Who … [Read more...]

Collistar S.O.S Critical Areas Firming Stick

Many weird and wonderful beauty products land on my desk, and this falls into that category, and then some - meet the Collistar SOS Critical Areas Firming Stick. The what? Yes, I know, I felt the same when I opened the parcel and first saw it. From Italian breauty brand Collistar, this, it claims, is the 'lazy girl's answer to a firmer body'. A personal trainer in a stick, perhaps? No need to do squats or lunges anymore? I'm not so sure … [Read more...]

Illamasqua News

Lots happening at Illamasqua these days, with PETA recognition, new #Illaxpress lessons, and recently I refamiliarised myself with their skin bases - Hydra Veil, Matte Veil, and Radiance Veil. But first, the exciting news that Illamasqua are now PETA recognised. Since the brand launched in 2008, they have made a strong commitment to never support or permit animal testing on any of their products, and only work with suppliers who uphold these … [Read more...]

Get Fully Loaded with TIGI Bedhead

VOLUME is where it's at with hair. We all seem to want our hair to be bigger and bigger, and it's not that hard these days with a plethora of volumising and thickening products on offer. The latest I've had a look at is the new Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded range. Addressing the growing trend for messy styles with a sense of looseness and rough, textured volume. Designed with the trendsetter in mind, all four products have been designed to give … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder’s Genuine Glow – K-Beauty style

Let's talk about K-Beauty. What is it? Well, it has nothing to do with the Kardashians (for once!), it'a actually Korean-inspired beauty. If you're a beauty fan, you will know, and you will no doubt already be influenced by beauty from the Far East. The Korean beauty aesthetic isn't like ours. They focus on skin health, skin hydration, and a preferred lack of pigment. We tend to focus on being as tanned as possible. But perfect pale skin is a … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Grooming Gifts

Surprise your dad this Father's Day with a grooming gift. He doesn't need a new tool kit, an oversized Toblerone, or another silly slogan T-shirt, does he? But he probably does need some lovely grooming products in his life! I'm right, right? Boots now stock a fab men's beauty brand - Johnny's Chop Shop. Fab packaging, good products with a healthy does of fun, and it's cheap and cheerful. My favourites include ever-popular Beard Oil Beard … [Read more...]

Neom’s Scent To Make You Happy Kit

NEOM are a lovely brand, all about making you feel better, with lots of lovely smelly things for you and your home. Their candles are gorgeous, and their beauty products are really good. You just know they're good for you as well. I particularly love their little Essential Kits. This one, their Essential Mood Lifting Kit is absolutely perfect for me right now, as there's a lot going on in my life. If you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed by … [Read more...]

Master Your Mascara with New CID Cosmetics

We all wear mascara, right? Applying it is like second nature, most likely, but are you making the most of your mascara? Are you applying it properly? You might think you are, but we've asked an expert to give us the mascara masterclass. The low-down on how to get the most from your mascara, from New CID Cosmetics Brand Ambassador, James McKnight. The New CID i- FLUTTER mascara is his mascara of choice, of course, so he's cleverly matched … [Read more...]

Legs, legs, legs – prep for summer

It's officially summer, so that means NO MORE THICK BLACK TIGHTS! Time to put the opaques back in the drawer and get the legs out. And that means facing what the winter, and our cold spring, months have done to our legs. No-one is saying you have to do anything, but who really doesn't want to look after the skin on their body as well as their face? There's no point treating your face with loads of products and leaving your legs as cracked as the … [Read more...]