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Nail colours to suit your skintone #manisweek

Jennifer's nails before

Jennifer’s nails before

As part of #manisweek, Jennnifer in 5pm’s Customer Care team visited Beauty Boutique and Day Spa on Glasgow’s Bath Street for a 21 day gel manicure.

Like Ruth when she got a manicure at PURE Spa Silverburn, Jennifer told them to do whatever they wanted, she gave her therapist Laura total control over colour choice.

Laura opted for a beautiful bluey green shade because it’s a colour that matched Jennifer’s skin tone really well. The salon uses the brand Magnetic Nail Design and the chosen colour is Blue Glazier.

Beauty Boutique & Day Spa

Beauty Boutique & Day Spa

Your skintone

People often wonder why some nail polish colours suit others and not them but this can be down to differences in skin tone.

If you have a pale skin tone (like Jennifer), shades with pink or blue undertones work best whilst fair complexions suit more of a variety of colours with blue or yellow bases.

Tanned skin looks great with warmer colours to accentuate the tan e.g. pinks and purples.

Those with a medium or olive complexion are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a wider variety of colours, from dark burgandies to vibrant pinks and oranges.

Dark skin tones really suit polishes with yellow or brown-based undertones especially suiting deep dark shares like a deep purple.

Colour & accent

Jennifer's nails after

Jennifer’s nails after

After thoroughly preparing her hands and nails, Laura applied the polish and used a Blue shimmer overcoat to bring out a sparkle. A diamante accent was added to highlight Jennifer’s wedding ring.

Jennifer was delighted with the result: “it’s not a colour I’d normally go for but I think it really suits my hands. It has a nice shimmery look and isn’t too glittery”.

If you fancy giving Beauty Boutique and Day Spa’s gel manicure a try, they have a great offer on 5pm Health & Beauty at the moment:

21 day gel manicure available all week – normal price £25 – 5pm price – £17.50 – book here.

Go grey! 3 reasons to try grey nail polish #manisweek

The smart manicure area at PURE spa

The smart manicure area at PURE spa

Grey. Yes it’s grey outside more often than not but have you ever tried it on your nails? Nope me neither, never even considered it.

Leighton Denny polish colours

Leighton Denny polish colours

Not until Shannon at PURE Spa Silverburn picked it for a manicure I had this week.

Given complete freedom as to what colour to choose for my nails, she went for Graycious – a deep gun metal grey. I thought to myself, out of all the colours, grey?!

She said very few people pick Graycious from the Leighton Denny colour range – the beauty brand they use for their manicures – but they’re really missing out and said I would see why when my manicure was finished.

Shannon tidied up my cuticles, massaged my hands, shaped my nails and after a matte base coat applied the colour (followed by a top coat).

Graycious nail colour

Graycious nail colour

Well she was right, the Leighton Denny polish has a quality glossy finish and I loved the colour, she’d done a great job.

Go Grey

You should go grey and here are my top three reasons why:

    1. Despite this shade being darker it’s not gothy like a black polish but does give a sophisticated look.
    2. It’s versatile and goes with many different outfits, like nude shades, but has added impact.
    3. It suits most skin shades and types.
Final manicure

Final manicure

Manicure offer

I felt thoroughly relaxed after the manicure and was impressed by the look and feel of this PURE Spa.

If you want to give grey at go at PURE Spa Silverburn, they’ve got a manicure offer on 5pm Health & Beauty:

PURE Essential Manicure – Normal Price £19 – 5pm Price – £15 – Book here

5 steps to a party makeover at Macs Glasgow

Glitter, sparkle and fake eyelashes… party season is about to hit full pelt and Macs Glasgow invited me to get a party makeover and gave me top tips on how to create the perfect party look for this season.

Getting party ready. Hard work but someone's got to do it...

Getting party ready. Hard work but someone’s got to do it…

1. Book up early

Everyone wants to look glam for Christmas party time and whether you’re looking to book a party package, a manicure or get your hair done, step one has to be book up early!

2. Prepare your skin

Glowing skin will make you stand out at any party and Gemma at Macs who did my make-up for the party makeover, says keeping your skin healthy is vital to a successful party look.

Smooth skin free of dead skin cells helps your make up look flawless and last the night.

You can start preparing now by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, drinking plenty of water and keeping a healthy diet. By the time your Christmas party comes your skin will be glowing.

My eye's before and after makeover

My eye’s before and after makeover

3. Choose – eyes or lips

“I love big dramatic eyes on a party look”, Gemma said, but warned you should choose to focus your look on either the eyes or lips – not both together.

Gemma chose to give my eyes impact and created a wonderful smoky look that really brought out their colour.

4. Pick your style – vintage glamour

Party looks don’t have to be glitter and tat, sophistication and glamour are what it’s about.

Adding some vintage glamour to your party look is going to be big this season. Leanne who did my hair at Macs thought that with my shoulder length hair dark hair, vintage curls would be a great look.

The final hair and makeup

The final hair and makeup

She created the look by preparing my hair with style spray then curling the hair into uniform ringlets with tongs.

I was starting to get a little concerned that I was beginning to look like orphan Annie but she pre-empted my fear and told me not to worry, the curls would be brushed out – phew!

The curls were then manipulated to create beautiful vintage waves that really caught the light.

5. Relax – let someone else get you party ready!

Gemma, Leanne and Mel from Macs Glasgow

Gemma, Leanne and Mel from Macs Glasgow

The wonderful Leanne and Gemma made me feel really relaxed during my makeover and I have to say, it was fantastic letting other people preen and transform me.

No rushing my make up or not getting my hair just right, it most certainly took the stress out of getting ready.

Thanks to Team Macs Glasgow!

If you fancy the same, Macs Glasgow has the following offers to get you party ready:

Hair & makeup package – £55 – Blow dry or hair up plus full mac makeup by an experienced makeup artist.

Glam & Go – £35 - Hair styled, eye makeup and lashes.

View all 5pm Health & Beauty’s offers here.

John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Range


Volume – the hair quest of many women including me, and John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range, in its teal coloured packaging definitely stands out from the rest.

Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner leave your hair smelling lightly perfumed, a lovely, fresh smell that lasts throughout the day and once dried, do not add any heaviness or greasiness to the hair – great if you’ve got thin hair that gets weighed down by some shampoos.


Fine to Full Blow Out Spray

The Fine to Full Blow Out Spray is applied after you’ve washed your hair to encourage volume when blow drying. Again, it’s lovely and light, fresh smelling and definitely aids blow drying giving you more volume at the roots.

Every Day Volume

This Frieda range gives you touchably, soft and manageable every day volume as apposed to massive hair and the volume lasts well throughout the day.

If you’re on the quest for volume, John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range is definitely something that should be added to your list.


Glowing Skin

Glow Skin Centre & Tanning Salon is a popular venue on 5pm Health & Beauty so when they invited me to give their facial a try, it was a great chance to see why our customers love it and keep going back.

Prescriptive Dermalogica Facial 

Mid-facial with face mask on. Argh, it's the creature from the deep!!!

Mid-facial. Argh, it’s the creature from the deep!!!

I was going to be treated to their fab 5pm offer – a Prescriptive Dermalogica facial with £30 of Dermalogica products, normally costing £60 but we’ve got it on 5pm for £30, so you’re basically getting a free £30 Dermalogica product!

My therapist was the lovely Jade who said out of everything, facials are her favourite treatment to give clients.

Getting to Know My Skin

I had to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire about my skin before the facial even started. From this, Jade was able to determine my skin type, problem areas, what products would suit my face best and so on. I have combination skin with a particular dry area around my nose.

Lying on the bed, with a duvet over me to keep me warm, candles and relaxing music and scents, I could easily have fallen asleep before the facial even began!

My face map

My face map

My face was massaged, cleansed, toned and moisturised to perfection. Whilst my face mask was left on Jade gave me a wonderful shoulder massage too, really making the most of my time in the therapy room. Jade even took a go at squeezing the blackheads from my nose!

Super Soothing & Smooth Skin 

I loved the facial;  it was a very personal consultation and not a generic ‘slap on loads of moisturiser’ type facial I’ve had before – I was given my skin map to take away so I can refer to it in the future.

It was super soothing and Jade was very informative and knowledgeable knowing just what I needed to get my skin ‘glowing’.

Yey, a Free Product! 

My free Dermalogica product!

My free Dermalogica product!

I was given this Dermalogica exfoliator as my free product, which Jade recommended I used 4 times a week for the first 2 weeks after the facial and thereafter 3 times a week. I’ve been doing this and I must say, I’m not one to spend a lot of money on skin cleansing products however I love this exfoliator! Your skin feels so clean after using it and since using it, my skin has been very clear.

I would highly recommend this facial and Glow’s 5pm Health & Beauty offer really is fantastic – I’m definitely going to be back soon!

£30 per person for 60 minute Prescriptive Dermalogica Facial with £30 of Dermalogica Products to take home.


Spring Fever!

We’ve got Spring fever at 5pm Health & Beauty and for the next 6 weeks we’re going to be giving you all the Spring beauty offers and tips you need!

Mar Hall compThis week, we’re focusing on tanning and moisturizing – treatments we know you 5pmers are very keen on! There’s nothing like glowing skin to make you look healthier this season.

Plus, to launch 5pm Spring Fever we’ve got a fantastic competition; you could win a spa day for 2 at the luxury Mar Hall – perfect for a Springtime treat!

This fabulous prize includes:

  • 55 minute Decléor Aroma Massage or a luxury Decléor facial each.
  • Light lunch of soup and a sandwich served in the spa cafe.
  • Full use of leisure facilities including swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym and relaxation room.

As they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it so head over to our Facebook page to enter.

Guest post from SK:N Clinics: Hair Removal Techniques for Women

SK:N Clinics, who you might have know from ’10 Years Younger’ or ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, has given 5pm Health & Beauty their top tips for ladies looking at different hair removal techniques. Read below for their expert tips and advice – what suits you best?

Hair removal methods for men are not that different than to those of women. However, women do tend to have skin which is more sensitive to different treatments although both sexes can suffer in this way. Skin clinics offer hair removal treatments for both men and women and they are highly professional as well. There are several hair removal techniques that can be done at home, but the more permanent solutions tend to be done in clinics.

Lasers – this is done with pulses of light which destroy hair at the root. It could take up to eight treatments to get the desired effect but most people like this treatment best. It is expensive but it is long term and this is the way it should be judged.

Waxing – this is one method that can be done at home as long as the area to be cleaned of hair is reachable. A creamy wax is spread on the area and it is then covered with a soft cloth or paper strip. Once the wax dries it is ripped off taking the hairs with it. This lasts for about two weeks before re-growth is seen. If preparing for a wedding or special event, do it some days before to allow the skin to recover. Sugaring is a similar treatment but uses sugar based solution instead of wax and is much easier to wash off.

Tweezing – this is literally plucking out the hair one at a time and is usually reserved for the odd stray hair or the eyebrows. It is time consuming and many women mess up their eyebrows by plucking from above. Skin clinics offer hair removal treatments of this kind and know exactly how to get the required result.

Electrolysis – this is permanent hair removal that could take more than twenty visits to get the desired result. A fine needle is placed through the skin to the hair follicle and an electrical current passed through it to stop it growing again. It can be painful and local anesthetic is sometimes advised.
Shaving – although shaving can be used on the underarms and on the legs, it is not really advisable for the face. This is only a temporary measure and women can cut themselves with the razor. It has to be done again every few days so it is really not a good way to remove hair.

Hair Removal Cream – these are many and the woman simply has to paste them on the appropriate area and scrape off after a length of time. There are different creams for the face and body but they do tend to be a little smelly. The results last for up to two weeks and re-growth shows through a little sooner.


There are obviously different ways to be rid of hair but it must be said that the permanent ways are usually best. This is particularly true for women who have dark facial hair

John Frieda’s new full REPAIR range

John Frieda has launched some great new products for overworked hair – the full REPAIR range.

The Inca Inchi in the products makes them smell beautiful and leaves your hair smelling wonderful all day. Inca Inchi is a lightweight micro-oil that repairs the look and feel of overworked hair. It also helps prevent breaking or snagging – perfect if you go overboard with the straighteners!

From heat activated styling spray to perfect ends deep infusion there’s plenty of choice to get your hair back to a healthy look.

Many of you will already use John Frieda’s colour specific products like Brilliant Brunette but it’s definitely worthwhile giving the full REPAIR range a try.

Check out their YouTube channel for great hair tips and demos – 5pm Health & Beuaty loves this one on creating soft textured waves.

R UV UGLY Campaign Tours Scotland with Skin Scanner

A SKIN scanner which aims to show young shoppers the damaging and ageing effects of sunbed use is set to tour Scotland as part of a new campaign.

The machine is part of a campaign called ‘R UV UGLY?’ which is being launched by Cancer Research UK in partnership with the Scottish Government.

It will take a high tech UV skin scanner to shopping centres across Scotland to show sunbed users the hidden damage that may be lurking underneath their skin. As well as this cosmetic damage shown by the scanner, the UV rays from sunbeds can also damage the DNA in our skin, and over time this DNA damage can build up and lead to skin cancer.

The ‘R UV UGLY?’ campaign comes as alarming figures show that incidence rates of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, have more than tripled among 15-34 year olds in Scotland in the last thirty years.* Around 100 people in this age group are now diagnosed with the disease each year.**

Rates of malignant melanoma in 15-34 year olds in Scotland are higher than the UK average*** and have risen from 2.1 cases per 100,000 in this age group in the late 1970s up to 8.0 per 100,000 now.*

And latest figures for Scotland show that around 1,100 people of all ages are diagnosed with the disease every year.****

Glasgow-born Crow Road actress Valerie Edmondhas given herbacking to the campaign.

Valerie, who recently played a starring role in BBC3 drama Lip Service and is one half of dance act The Souls, currently in this week’s DMC Buzz Charts, said: “I am proud to be supporting ‘R UV UGLY?’ as it opens your eyes to the damage and premature ageing that sunbeds can cause to the skin.

She said: “It’s really important to respect your own skin type and more importantly who you are. The idea of harming your appearance by risking your health just doesn’t make sense. I hope this campaign will help people in Scotland to say no to sun beds.”

The ‘R UV UGLY?’ campaign will be touring shopping centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and East Kilbride from 15th – 28th October. For more information visit sunsmart.org.uk.


Lil-Lets New Packaging

Lil-Lets Product Range

OK ladies, it’s something lots of us suffer every month and a fact of life but Lil-Lets have made it a little prettier with their new updated sanitary protection packaging. It looks feminine, taking cues from beauty which helps to eliminate indiscretions when you’re at the counter buying them!

The ‘look’ of the packaging is lovely, I love their use of different colours and simple patterns. And the new packaging isn’t just pretty, it’s functional; it’s new discreet whisper wrappers® and removable sleeves don’t draw attention to what’s inside.

Lil-Lets FreshLOCKFor instance the Lil-Lets FreshLOCK towels are contained in a lovely ribboned drawstring bag with a removable band making them very discreet if you’re carrying them around in your handbag. They come in different range of absorbancies depending on flow.

The applicator tampons again, come in an attractive box which is great for looking inconspicuous in your bathroom, and the actual packaging of the individual tampons is very practical. They come in whisper wrappers® and are very easily opened with a perforated edge running from top to bottom.

Lil-Lets Applicator Tampons

Also, I didn’t know this, but they’re the only brand in the UK to have applicator tampons for women with an extremely heavy flow – very useful to know!

Within the Lil-Lets range, there are also non-applicator tampons with a range of absorbencies which, like the applicator tampons, expand sideways and have an anti-leak cord for extra protection. In my opinion, it’s all these little things that matter when we’re using them every month!