Sweet Easter Beauty Deals

It's Easter! Time to indulge yourselves with at least one chocolate egg. But let's not go overboard. Don't gorge yourself on chocolate, or face the consequences! I love this little Misslyn Chocolate Brown Duo Eyebrow Powder kit, that looks like chocolate, but just gives you great brows! (It's £8.75, at beautybay.com or Primark, and comes in three shades.) But there are plenty of beauty deals on 5pm to either indulge our sweet tooth … [Read more...]

MAC Viva Glam 25 and Winnie Harlow

I was an America's Next Top Model ADDICT, and Tyra Banks is a goddess, so I was a little less than impressed when ANTM alumini Winnie Harlow - who Tyra found on the internet and invited on to the show - discredited it. Eh, not fierce, Winnie, not fierce! Winnie has certainly made it big since her time on the show in 2014, and whilst I am sure she's worked hard, come on - got to give Tyra a little bit of credit. Anyway, here she is in her … [Read more...]

Have A Lush Easter!

If you don't want chocolate this Easter, then head to Lush for some brilliant Easter goodies, without a calorie in sight. Lush always has brilliant themed goodies for every occasion, and this Easter is no exception.  Did you know that previous research carried out by governmental body WRAP,  found 3,000 tonnes of chocolate egg packaging is generated each year in the UK? hat is a LOT of waste. If you don't want to contribute to that, then here … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Beauty from Too Cool For School

If you don't want chocolate this Easter, you could still have your eggs, with Too Cool For School's EGG range! Don't you just love Korean beauty brands? They're cute, fun, and effective. This one has recently launched into larger Boots stores, and is available at online beauty sites, including lookfantastic.com, feelunique.com and cultbeauty.com. The brand is HUGE in the US. The Egg Mellow Cream Moisturiser sells one unit every 12 … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red Eyer Palettes

Bobbi Brown has always been famous for its palettes - I have a really old one somewhere, the one you clicked the individual shadows into. Do they even do those any more?! The latest two eye palettes are, in my mind, a bit of a change for the brand - bigger, with more colours, and more like a lot of other palettes out there that beauty bloggers and wannabe MUAs just seem to love. These two are pretty simple - one is Ultra-Violet, and the other … [Read more...]

Get a Great Deal on a Tan

It's that odd time of year when it's not really that warm, but it's not that cold, and some days you can shed a layer, and others, it's back to the fake fur. So, it's time to bring a little bit of a sunshine glow to your beauty routine with a fake tan. I'm not a great tanner, but I do love a bit of sparkle, and these lovely Shimmering Dry Body Oil Sprays from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter are great for a litlte boost, and a shimmery addition to … [Read more...]

Cannabis Beauty

Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Cannabis - all on-trend beauty ingredients that have been everywhere for the last few years. The latest brand to land on my desk to contain Cannabis is French holistic self-care (there's another buzzword that is everywhere right now) brand Ho Karan. The name means I love you in Breton, by the way. The new range is powered by hero ingredient Cannabis sativa, well-known as Hemp Oil, not to be confused with the latest … [Read more...]

Unicorn Beauty

It's National Unicorn Day. Yes, that is a thing. The unicorn is Scotland's national animal, so why should we not celebrate this lovely, mythical, omnipresent, beast? Unicorns are EVERYWHERE! You can pretty much get anything unicorn-shaped, themed, or printed in 2019, but let's concentrate on some unicorn beauty bits that you might want to get your hands on. 1. MAGICAL UNICORN NAIL STICKERS, £2.95, REXLONDON.COM - for kids, really, but who … [Read more...]

Be a Makeup Master with 5pm…or cheat!

It's fair to say I am addicted to BBC's makeup reality show, GLOW UP: Britain's Next Make-Up Star. It's on on Wednesday nights on BBC1, presented by Stacey Dooley, with excellent judges, uber makeup artist, Val Garland, and MAC Senior Artist Dennis Skinner, and if you love makeup, you will love it. It's all a bit car-crash TV at times - some of the application is, well, not great - I'm being kind, it's awful!  But it's a perfect reality show … [Read more...]

Do you Double Wear?

Did you know that Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation is the UK's No1 base? Well, now you do! I had to reacquaint myself with this classic base, so I recently had an appointment on counter in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols, to have a Powermap facial, and to be shade matched - this base comes in over 60 shades for all skintones. You can book appointments for Lauder counters online, but I did notice on the site  that Harvey Nichols wasn't an … [Read more...]