Magnetic Nails!

There has never been a more exciting time for nails - the beauty industry has gone manicure mad, and the latest in a long list of innovative nail products, following wraps, glitter, crackle coats and the like, is magnetized nail polish. I've been trying out Boots 17's version, and the concept is actually pretty simple. The polish is magnetized, so when you hover the magnet over it, the magnetic particles in the polish move about. That's the … [Read more...]

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is traditionally pink these days, when you can buy almost everything in a pink edition for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The beauty companies always take part, and every year there are some cute limited edition items produced, with some of the proceeds going to charity. Here's my selection... 1. Darphin Intral Soothing Serum, £46 (£5 from every sale in October goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - BCRF) 2. Clinique Great … [Read more...]

Beauty Bargain of the Week – GOSH Glitter

We can all spend a fortune on beauty products, but we don’t need to. Every week, I’m going to bring you my ‘Beauty Bargain of the Week‘  – a product I’ve used, and would recommend, and that, on most occasions, costs less than a fiver! What’s not to like! This week's Beauty Bargain is BRILLIANT! I am in love with GOSH Nail Glitter, even though it's very messy! (And so is Kelly Rowland, who was apparently wearing it during X Factor auditions) It's … [Read more...]

Has your make-up got the X Factor?

I'm no great fan of the X Factor, but I love these images of Diana Vickers who was on the show in 2008 and got to the semi-finals and was probably more noted for her quirky style than her singing. Diana Vickers for Collection 2000 is a collaboration for Autumn Winter, and the fantastic looks were created for Diana by the brand's makeup artist, Athena Skouvakis. “I grew up with Collection 2000 which has always been one of my favourite brands.  I … [Read more...]

It’s Christmas!!

Well, it's only 89 days away! But, the Estee Lauder Christmas Collection is on counter today - and if it doesn't get you in a festive mood, then nothing will. This gorgeous Pure Crimson Collection, the work of Tom Pecheux,  Creative Makeup Director for Lauder, is lovely. It was inspired by an enchanted room adorned with velvet decor and luxurious tapestry, and it has that rich, luxurious feel. I blogged a while back about the Limited Edition … [Read more...]

Liz Hurley in Scotland!

If you want to meet the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley, pictured left,  in the flesh then get to Jenners, Edinburgh, next Tuesday (October 4). She'll be making a personal appearance in the store as the  Estée Lauder Companies’ annual Global Landmark Illumination Initiative comes to Jenners, Edinburgh for the first time. In layman's terms - it's Jenners turn to be turned pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month! The store will be turned pink by Liz at … [Read more...]

Beauty Bargain of the Week – NYC Lipstain

We can all spend a fortune on beauty products, but we don’t need to. Every week, I’m going to bring you my ‘Beauty Bargain of the Week‘  – a productI’ve used, and would recommend, and that, on most occasions, costs less than a fiver! What’s not to like! Have you tried these lip-stains that everyone seems to have out? Revlon do one, Smashbox have one, but if you aren’t too sure of it, then I’d recommend trying one from NYC first. They are called … [Read more...]

Night And Day…

I’m a bit obsessed with my teeth. Not to the extent that I’d ever have veneers, but I have had them whitened, and I think since I cut smoking down to a bare minimum (the odd one with a drink) I’ve noticed the difference in colour. I also hate going to the dentist, so brushing my teeth twice a day has always been part of my daily routine. If you don’t brush, shame on you! I like to floss as well, although I do find it a bit fiddly, which is why I … [Read more...]

Sisley’s Fab Gift With Purchase

I am fortunate enough as a beauty writer to be a regular user of Sisley’s wonderful products. The independent French beauty company make the most amazing things. Their face masks are amongst my absolute favourites, so I was thrilled to try out their latest, the Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth (£88, which promises to soothe, plump and tighten. It smells absolutely beautiful and feels fantastic. It leaves your skin … [Read more...]

Gifts from Liberty!

Okay, today’s posts are both offering gifts – but at a price! However, for all you lovers of luxury skincare, I think you’ll like them! First up is Liberty – yes the fabulous London department store, but you don’t have to hotfoot it to the big Smoke, you can browse the beauty department online. Once you’ve had a good old browse and decided on what you might want to buy, if it adds up to £90 or more then you get this AMAZING free Liberty print … [Read more...]