Supersize with Time Bomb and QVC

Lulu’s Time Bomb range is massively popular on QVC. The Scottish singing superstar is the brand ambassador for the range, and it’s been created from her own formulas. The great thing about QVC brands is that they often come up as TSV (Today’s Soecial Value) offers, and this week it’s a Time Bomb special.

On Good Friday – March 30, Time Bomb is selling its Supersize Collection at an 80% discount to the normal RRP…which is their biggest and best offer to date.

Time Bomb is all about anti-ageing, and the products are focused on concerns that have the biggest impact on how your skin reflects your age. We’re talking about tired, puffy, crinkled eyes, say Time Bomb. Not to mention thinning, slackening skin, breakouts, rough patches, dry skin, dull skin and more. Wow! Take that mirror down now!

But, if you really do feel bad about your skin, and all these little flaws, taking a big toll on your appearance, then this collection will help. And you’ll get four potent products for just £46.98 -a whopping 80% saving on the normal price.

Let’s look at the products in detail.

Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel (50ml), is highly charged with collagen and excellent for skin post- 30 to help  it appear fuller and firmer, helping to target the signs of ageing. Normally this potent combination of skin boosting ingredients highly charged with collagen and packed full of anti-oxidants comes in a 30ml bottle.

Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll (150ml), is a rich product, to de-stress skin, and to help fight the signs of ageing and sun damage, whilst offering a refreshing boost to your complexion. It does this thanks to a rich blend of chlorophyll, wheatgrass and red clover plus two types of hyaluronic acids and other water soluble natural moisturizing factors to provide perfect hydration to the skin without oils or heavy emulsifiers.

Smart Balm Eye Cream (30ml), keeps skin extremely moist and plump and helps to combat dark circles and reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

Flashback Night Cream (100ml), is a rich night treatment that forms a waxy barrier combined from rice bran wax and shea butter, helping to lock in moisture and antioxidants overnight.

I have been relentless in my pursuit of products that would help combat the appearance of ageing – I’ve been using my own concoctions for years. Because I have been asked so many times about what beauty products I use on my skin, I decided to make my formulas available to everyone. I hope you like them and are as happy with the results as I have been – Lulu

The Lulu’s Time Bomb QVC TSV is available on March 30. Find out more about Time Bomb and visit QVC here.