Be Safe in the Sun with Alpha-H

The sun is shining at last. And whilst we might not be getting burned yet, it is time to think about our safety in the sun, thanks to a new campaign from Australian brand, Alpha-H.

We might think that it’s no surprise Australian brand Alpha-H are going big on SPF and safety in the sun, with the country still having the worst skin cancer stats in the world. But here in the UK skin cancer statistics are on the rise – and in Scotland in particular – linked to international travel and the use of sunbeds.

So, when the sun shines, by all means go catch some Vitamin D – but don’t stay exposed without protection  – and wear a high sunscreen protection factor when you can.

The case for daily sunscreen use is strong. Over 80% of skin ageing and damage is caused by everyday sun exposure
that occurs throughout the year and not just at the beach!

Alpha-H have launched a campaign for summer 2016 to bring awareness to SPF and how you should be protecting yourself in the sun.

Alpha H Daily Moisturiser SPF50 - Supersize SPF

In the #allaboutspf campaign, Alpha-H will be offering customers a range of exclusives and free gifts associated with their sunscreen range, including limited edition Supersize versions of their best selling anti-ageing day creams – Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ and Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+.

And £1 from the sale of each Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF50+ will be donated to skin cancer research.

Every day I am asked about cosmetic solutions to sun aging, with people wanting to erase the damage caused from
years in the sun,” says Michelle Doherty, CEO Alpha-H. “Along with The University of Queensland, Alpha-H wants to be part of the movement to educate our customers on preventing sun damage and ultimately skin cancer. This movement starts with daily sunscreen use.”

Whilst we are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of using sunscreen, we’re not actually using it properly. More than a third of us don’t know to check the use-by date on their sunscreen and two-thirds of us don’t understand that the effectiveness of sunscreen deteriorates when stored above 25 degrees.

And, only 15% of people are applying the right amount for effective protection – which is a lot! Do not scrimp on your sunscreen! NICE (the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recently recommended that the amount of sunscreen
needed for the body of an average adult to achieve the stated SPF, is around 35ml or 6 to 8 teaspoons of lotion – do you use enough?

Alpha-H’s sun care formulations are so unique; the inclusion of powerful natural UV absorbers such as Pomegranate and Mango Seed plus antioxidant New Zealand Pine Bark Extract (Enzogenol), are aesthetically pleasing to the skin whilst
helping to prevent photo ageing and restore skin vitality – they’re not thick, sticky sunscreens.

Australia still has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and melanoma is the most common cause of death in people under the age of 34,” says Tarl Prow,  Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland.While people’s behaviours are changing, there is still a huge amount of education and research into this area needed. With the support from Alpha-H we are able to provide essential support to further crucial research that examines the treatment and prevention of skin cancer.”

Alpha-H products are available from QVC, and other stockists. Visit for more info.