Happiness with Neom

Throughout February, NEOM have been focusing on Happiness, with their Happiness Programme. This lovely brand have divided the year into sections, and will focus on an aspect of well-being for each part.

First up, Happiness. Hundreds of studies tell us that happy people are healthier, and Neom believe whatever your version of happiness is, it starts with a positive state of mind.

Neom’s Happiness Programme will get you there. It’s a collection of mood-lifting products, partnered with the latest hints, tips and advice from the Neom Wellbeing Board.

Neom Happiness Programme Products

At the beginning of the month, 100 people began the 28-day Happiness Programme (maybe 29 this year…!). As well as receiving four of the best-selling products from the Scent to Make You Happy range, they received the Happiness Handbook, packed full of daily tips and tricks to help lift mood, and boost positivity. At the end of each week, they let Neom know how they are getitng on, using photos, or video or diary entries, and the results are there for all of us to see on the Neom website.

Be Happy with Neom

It’s a really interesting read – and I am in there somewhere, go take a look! the hashtag is #NeomHappy100

If you want to experience the Neom Scent to Make You Happy range, you can buy the Happiness Programme Kit for £133 – and it includes the following fab products: Happiness Scented 3-wick Candle, Happiness Scented 1-Wick Candle, Great Day Body Scrub, Great Day Body & Hand Wash, Mood Lifting On The Go Mist.

Happiness is ... a Neom Candle

I absolutely love the little mist. Just spray in the air, let it fall, inhale, and exhale and feel immediately happier and more uplifted! And if you haven’t tried a Neom candle yet, and you are a candle fan, then you must!

Find  out more  and join in at neomorganics.com