BeneFit Bling Brow

Benefit have come up with a new brow service for the party season – the Bling Brow!

I’m not sure about this one, I have to admit. It reminds me too much of the 90s when it was ‘de rigueur’ to stick crystals all over your face, and attach them to your hair. We even wore bindis. For shame!! The last time I saw it, at Chanel AW12 shows, pictured below, the whole brow was covered in crystal, but that’s not what’s on offer at Benefit, unless you put all 52 from the kit (more on that later in the post) on your brows at once….Chanel bling brows

The Benefit Bling Brow service sticks Swarovski crystals on your eyebrows. And above them. And below them. Benefit Brow Bars and boutiques around the world are offering three distinct ways to become the ‘arch envy’ (geddit!) of your friends this holiday season. Unless they go  too…

Anyway, the three styles are Touch of Bling, crystals beneath one or both eyebrows (£4 for one brow, £8 for two); Cover The Top Bling, a studded set of Swarowski crystals above both brows (£8); Big Time Bling, crystals on the actual brow (£16).

benefit bling brow one

I’m not sure I am the target market for these, and I kind of ‘ooft’ at the £16 price for the Big Time Bling. There are lots of colours of crystal to choose from – rose gold, greige, light silk, crystal, smoked topaz, green multi-colour, light pink, pink multi-colour.

And there is also a Bling Brow Kit (£19.50) so you can have a go yourself. The kit icludes 52 crystals in two colours, and a mini tweezer to help apply. All you need to do is peel them off the sheet, and stick them on!

benefit bling brow kitIf you fancy blinging up your brows, the service is available for a limited time, from November 1, as is the Bling Brow Kit. Visit for more info