John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Range


Volume – the hair quest of many women including me, and John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range, in its teal coloured packaging definitely stands out from the rest.

Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner leave your hair smelling lightly perfumed, a lovely, fresh smell that lasts throughout the day and once dried, do not add any heaviness or greasiness to the hair – great if you’ve got thin hair that gets weighed down by some shampoos.


Fine to Full Blow Out Spray

The Fine to Full Blow Out Spray is applied after you’ve washed your hair to encourage volume when blow drying. Again, it’s lovely and light, fresh smelling and definitely aids blow drying giving you more volume at the roots.

Every Day Volume

This Frieda range gives you touchably, soft and manageable every day volume as apposed to massive hair and the volume lasts well throughout the day.

If you’re on the quest for volume, John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range is definitely something that should be added to your list.