Beauty Tools from Ted Baker

Makeup? Check. Moisturiser? Check. Anti-ageing products? Check. Body products? Check. Beauty Tools? Beauty Tools? You know what I’m talking abut, don’t you? Tweezers, nail scissors, emery boards, eyelash curlers – all those things we sort of take from granted, but all need as part of our beauty routine.

If you can’t find yours, or you just fancy getting some news ones, then look no further than the lovely Ted Baker Beauty Accessories collection. There are five Ted Baker beauty tools on offer.

Ted Baker Beauty Tools

Ted’s Nail Clippers (£6) – essential item for everyone -and remember toenails should be clipped straight across for neatness and cleanliness.

Ted’s Nail Scissors (£6) – sometimes your finger nails need trimming – these will do the job – trim them to a rounded or square finish, leave the sharp point look alone!

Ted’s Eyelash Curlers (£8) – I always have problems with these, but the results are great – use before mascara application for best curvy results.

Ted’s Tweezers (£6) – even if you thread or wax, you need tweezers for those little hairs that just appear. And they’re great for picking up nail transfers, applying false lashes – you can never be without tweezers!

Ted’s Emery Boards (£5 for 3) – an essential for everyone. Keep a supply in your handbag, on your desk, wherever you go – never have a ragged nail again!

Ted Baker Beauty Accessories are available at Boots stores nationwide, and at For more info visit