Magic Beauty Potion?

I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia trip recently, having bought and downloaded the full run of Misty comic to my iPad for bedtime reading! I loved Misty and Mandy as a kid, and the stories transport me back and are still a joy to read. Mandy had one of my favourite characters ever, Valda: Girl of Mystery. Valda has the secret to eternal youth (life, actually), held in a crystal she kept in her pouch.

In Misty, all of the stories were dark, from witchcraft, to vampires,and magic. Lots of miracle potions were involved, and when I received a sample of Pure Gold Collagen Anti-Ageing Liquid Food Supplement, I kind of imagined this to be such a potion. Now, let’s face it, we put stuff on our skin to help anti-ageing, so why not take something as an extra boost!

These Pure Gold Collagen shot have been developed by MINERVA Reseach Labs and European scientists, based on technology and research from Japan, the most advanced nutri-cosmetic market in the world.

So what is this Pure Gold Collagen? Well, it’s a blend of Hydrolysed Collagen and active ingredients (including fish oils, borage oil, hyaluronic acid, and various vitamins, and apparently one shot is up to 50 times more effective than using a topical collagen cream, or taking a collagen pill.

Collagen is the main structural element of the skin and accounts for over 75% of young health y skin, but as we age our skin loses its ability ti regenerate collagen leading to a loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles.

It’s not an unpleasant drink – very sour tasting, and slightly odd. I can’t say whether it is working or not, I’ve only taken about four shots so far. It’s not cheap either – a pack of 10 x 50ml bottles costs £35.99. They are on offer at 3  for 2 at Boots right now, but that still means around £70 a month. I’m not quite sure if they really will perform any Misty or Valda magic right enough!

Pure Gold Collagen is available exclusively at Boots and, £35.99.