Hot Chilli Hair from Fudge!

People often ask me what shade my red hair is. I’ve had this red for about two years now, but it’s been this shade many times in the past before (with blonde, black, blue, purple, etc in between!)

It’s always the same red – L’Oreal MagiContrast in Red at the hairdressers, and topped up with Fudge Paintbox Hot Chilli when I need a boost.

Having bright red hair is great fun – people do stare, and kids do often shout loudly ‘mum, that lady’s got red hair’ – but that’s more embarrassing for the mums than me!

However, fading is a big problem. I try and not wash my hair that often, maybe once a week if I can, but sometimes life dictates that you have to wash it more, and the fade begins.

Colour protect shampoos do their bit, but there’s nothing that can really stop you losing your red, than topping it up.

Fudge Paintbox is a semi-permanent colour and is really easy to use. It’s perfect for me, topping up the red between appointments.

What colour of hair would you love to have the most? And what do you use?

Fudge Paintbox in Hot Chilli, £9.25, from salons. Vist for more info.