Coloured Hair? Get Colour Restore

I’ve dyed my hair as long as I can remember, and it’s been this bright red for about two years now, this time around. Red’s a nightmare to keep up – it fades badly, so as well as using colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, I usually top up in between hairdresser visits with a semi-permanent like Fudge Paintbox. My favourite is Hot Chilli.

So, when I was sent Colour Restore to test, I was intrigued. Developed by hair expert Scott Cornwall, with beauty innovators KMI, , it claims to infuse life into tired hair colours and restore depleted pigment levels, without having to use a semi-permanent or permanent hair dye. It can be applied right after a colour treatment, or procedures such as bleaching, colour removal, perming or straightening. I was a bit scared if the truth be told. I had used toners on my hair when it was bleached blonde, but never on the red. And the woman on the box is so obviously wearing a wig!!

You can leave it on for up to 25 minutes, or just use it like a shampoo, and wash it through,  I decided to leave it on for five minutes, as I was experiencing a bit of fade in parts, but my colour was just done two weeks ago. I was really pleasantly surprised.

My boyfriend noticed my hair looked ‘redder’ and I think that says it all! It definitely restored the red tone to my hair, and it also left it feeling really nice.

I used the Deep Red which replenishes depleted red pigment levels, restoring the red tones to coloured hair. It will also add warm tones to mid-blondes and brunettes.

The product also comes in Iced Platinum which will banish yellow and brassy tones in bleached or highlighted hair, creating cool to pure white tones, and Cool Ash which is ideal for brunettes and dark blondes to banish  rusty, copper and orange tones in coloured hair, creating neutral to cool base tones.

Bad packaging aside, I really liked this product!

Colour Restore is available from Boots stores, and, for £11.99