Another mascara marvel from Clinique

I have tried dozens of mascaras. Actually, we might even be near 100 in my decade and more as a beauty writer. Over the years I’ve sort of found my favourites. I don’t like the natural look – I like a lot of black, spiky, spidery mascara, with length always being the most important thing. I’m not a fan of false eyelashes, so I need a good mascara that also doesn’t smudge.

Clinique has consistently provided me with mascaras I love, and whilst I have tried loads of new ones of late, their Bottom Lash mascara remains a constant of mine. It seemed like such a gimmick at first, but its formula is brilliant, it really doesn’t smudge. I switch between a BeneFit, Clarins, Sisley and Clinique (High Lengths) for the top lashes, but in the last two weeks, I’ve been blown away by Clinique’s latest.

Their High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara (left) is AMAZING! And note that it’s a volume mascara. Not what I normally go for. And furthermore, it has a FAT brush!

Not what I normally like! But it’s nothing like fat brushes I’ve tried before.It’s a moulded brush, more like rows of little combs, and it’s so easy to apply. The mascara itself has what Clinique are calling ‘dual polymeric wetting agents’ which help the mascara to be easily co,bed through the lashes, separating, stretching and lifting them.

The brush has a dome shaped tip, so even the tiniest corner lashes are covered. The aim of this mascara, say Clinique, is to build lashes, give you thatwide-eyed look, and to build volume immediately, so you don’t have to apply layer upon layer.

Now, I love layering, but honestly, with this, you really don’t need to. However, I did do a couple, and the results are amazing. I’ve used Clinique on the circled eye, and you can see that as opposed to the other eye, which has another leading brand mascara on it, which is supposed to open the eyes, the Clinique really knocks it out the park!

This is just one coat, brushed through. The volume is brilliant. I am in love with this mascara, and so will you be one you’ve tried it!

It’s available from August 1, £17, at Clinique locations and