ModelCo Fibre Lash – finally, a review!

So, last year, when ModelCo launched their ‘false lashes in a bottle‘, FibreLash Brush on False Lashes, I couldn’t get a sample for love nor money. I blogged about them a couple of times here, and then I kind of forgot about them once the initial hype had died down – not hard when you are inundated with new mascaras, as I am in this job. So, when their PR offered me some last week, I was happy to be reminded of the product Dannii Minogue endorses, and try them out.

I did a full review on my own blog, you can read that here, and as you can see from the images of my eyes (a bit stary in some, I apologise!), the one on the left as you look at it, has the fibres on it, and the length is quite remarkable.

This product is fiddly and a faff – you have to apply the Extension Mascara, then apply the Lash Fibres (looking down, taking care not to get them in your eye), and finally, a coat of the Extension Mascara again. And wow – it really is like false lashes. It does also feel quite ‘heavy’ and a bit sticky, but I think I maybe overdid it a wee bit.

And an addition to the other review – they do not move when you cry! I was reading an article in a newspaper yesterday that moved me to tears, but this stuff stayed put! Amazing! If you love having huge lashes, and don’t mind spending a wee bit time on your makeup routine, and haven’t tried this already, give it a go!

ModelCo Fibre Lash Brush on False Lashes, £35,,