i-gel – the only eyeliner you’ll ever need!

…So say New CID Cosmetics, whose product it is. I’m still firmly attached to my Clarins Instant Liner pen, but I was happy to give this a go. It’s a gel liner, as the name might suggest, and I’m not that happy with gel liners – I don’t find them as lasting

This comes in a pot, with three complementary shades of liner in one, in three colourways. I tried out the Graphite/Granite/Carbon trio, and to be honest, kept going towards the darker of the three.

The other colourways are Bronze/Copper/Stone and Emerald/Indigo/MidnightBlue.  I love the latter- really cool colours to play around with!

The top  tip from the i-gel team is this: When looking in the mirror, tilt your chin up and look down your nose. The, with the specially shaped i-gel brush, use the flat edge to dot the i-gel along the lash line, joining the dots together as you go. Apply a wider line for a stronger, more intense look.

I liked the ease of application, but again I didn’t fall in love with it. But I know people who love gel eyeliner – I guess it’s all down to personal preference.

And their ‘Studio Secret‘? Apply a small amount of i-gel to the brush and looking down in the mirror, pull the eyelid upwards and pat the gel into the top and bottom of the inner waterline to really make eyes pop.

I tried this, and I am glad to report that it was painless!

New CID Cosmetics i-gel eyeliner, £21.50, available now, from newcidcosmetics.com and qvcuk.com