Eve Lom Eye Duo

Eyecreams. They’re like buses. None for ages, and suddenly I’m trying them all at once! I blogged about a new Zelens one I was using the other week. But, after nearly a week of earlier than usual rises thanks to visiting my brother and his family, and his chirpy little nephew, I need eye solutions by the bucketload!

So, I was delighted to try out two gorgeous Eve Lom products. Eve Lom has ardent fans who rave about it. I’m not one of them…that’s not to say I don’t like it, but I’m just not overly familiar with the brand. I did, however, have an Eve Lom facial the other year in Harvey Nichols and it was fantastic. There is no doubt that the brand is an excellent one.

So, this new Eye Solutions Set (£75) launching at the end of this month, contains two products that you combine to help with eye area, and eye contour issues. The powerful age-defying formulas promote a rejuvenated and instantly lifted eye area.

The idea is that you use the Eye Cream at night to hydrate, diminish dark circles and puffiness and help regenerate the delicate eye area while you sleep. You then wake up with refreshed eyes (Please!) and apply the Eye Lift in the morning, which works to give you instantly lifted, former and smoother-looking skin. You can also, if you want, layer the Eye Cream over the Eye Lift for extra hydration, anti-dark circle and de-puffing benefits. You can probably guess that this is what I have been doing this last week.

The texture and scent of the creams is lovely, and although I can’t honestly say I’ve had instant effects, I did notice a difference with the Eye Lift, in that my eyes didn’t look quite as tired!

Eve Lom Eye Solutions Set, £75, evelom.com, spacenk.com