The Brows Have It!

Brows are having a beauty moment – again! Craig Alexander Wilson chatted through some his fave brow products on the 5pm Beauty Spot the other week, and I’ve been trying out two more NEW brow products from Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi says ‘brows are the unsung heroes of the face,’ and she’s right. I have massacred my poor brows over the years – cut them right down, shaved them off and pencilled them in, dyed them, over-plucked them and generally been awful to them.

My natural colouring is fair, so I have to add a bit of colour with a pencil or a powder or a wax. As the shape also needs a wee bit filling in, I have found Bobbi’s new, limited edition Brows Kit (£35), perfect for me.

It contains two shadows that can be used to fill in the brows, a stiff angled brow brush, and a mini-set of tweezers as well as two mirrors – one of them magnifying, so you can check your brows up close! I have to say I found the stiff brush a wee bit too stiff, but that’s my only complaint. It comes in two shades, dark and light – each with two different shadows in the kit. The Light contains Cement and Saddle, and the Dark, Birch and Mahogany.

The other new brow product from Bobbi is the Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up (£14.50). It looks kinda like mascara for brows, and you just brush the cream gel through your brows to create colour and shape your brows. It comes in five shades – Clear, Blonde, Auburn, Mahogany and Rich Brown

Brow Kits and Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up are both available now at Bobbi counters, and