Anti-ageing haircare!

Yes, we’ve had anti-ageing facial care, body care, and makeup, now it’s the turn of hair care. This one always puzzles me. Does our hair age? Is our hair not dead? Can someone answer my questions please?!

Okay, I’ll try and do that myself… Whatever the science, it’s the latest beauty buzz. I’ve come across three ranges recently that are some for of anti-ageing haircare, or rejuvenating care for ‘ageing’ hair. I think perhaps ‘ageing’ is just ‘weak’ or ‘thinning’ by a different name….

First up is Ojon, who have launched two products in the Ati rangeRejuvenating Hair and Scalp Treatment (£32) and Rejuvenating Styling Cream (£25) which both seem to work to help minimize hair loss and help strengthen ageing hair.

They both contain Ati Oil, which is harvested just once a year from the nut of the native Ati tree, which grows wild on the islands of French Polynesia. Apparently Tahitians believed the Ati tree to be a sacred gift from nature, and used its oil for many uses.

They also contain Ojon Oil, of course, and other ingredients common in haircare, like Saw Palmetto for stimulating follicles, and Vitamin E for healthy hair. You spray the treatment on your clean, dry scalp morning and night, and gently massage in.

The styling cream is applied to damp hair, and as well as doing all the same things as the treatment, it adds shine and gloss. I’ve tried it, it’s nice to use, but I’d be lying if I said it was a wonder cream, because I just don’t think my hair is ageing, or brittle, or thinning.

Aveda’s range, Invati, fuses ancient ayurvedic wisdom with 21st Century technology to create three products designed to help with thinning hair. Ageing hair. Whatever they’re calling it! The products are Exfoliating Shampoo (£18.50) which cleanses, exfoliates and renews the scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid, Thickening Conditioner (££20.50) which penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen with arginine, an amino acid derived from sugar beets and soy protein, and contains kukui nut oil to add natural shine, and Scalp Revitalizer (£41), which utilises turmeric and ginseng to help revitalise the scalp around the hair follicles. You don’t rinse this out, just massage it in twice a day.

And finally, Toni&Guy have their label.m Therapy Age-Defying Range. This contains four restorative products infused with White Caviar. They list the five signs of Hair-Ageing as coarseness, thinness, dryness, weakness and dullness. So, all hair concerns in one just about! The Keratin fibres in our hair cuticles wear away as we age, they tell us, and this range helps them with a new lease of life, with their patent-pending Rejuven-8 Complex. The range has Shampoo (£13.75), Conditioner (£16.50), Protein Cream (£17.50) and a Recovery Mask (£17.50). I’ve tried it, and it’s really lovely to use, and even works on my over-processed, dyed hair!

Ojon Ati Haircare is available exclusively on QVC.

Aveda Invati is available from Aveda salons, spas and stores and

Label.m Therapy Age-Defying Range is available from and all Toni&Guy and essensuals salons.