Scent of Summer…

It really is officially summer, not that we’ve had much here in Scotland right enough! But just because it doesn’t feel like summer, doesn’t mean you can’t smell like summer! There are dozens of ‘summer’ fragrances on the market .What’s your favourite? I love all things Chanel, but I’ve recently been wearing this gorgeous trio of perfumes from French beauty brand, Caudalie.

Fleur de Vigne, Zeste de Vigne and Thé des Vignes are designed to be worn at different times of the day – yes, a perfume for morning, afternoon and evening!

Fleur de Vigne tells the tale of grape blossom, picked in June, marking the 110 day countdown to the harvest. This gorgeous fragrance for daytime, is a beautiful blend of Grapefruit, Mandarin and Cedar, perfect for bringing you calm and peacefulness wheneveryou need it.

In the afternoon, you might need energy, and Zeste de Vigne will give you that! This fragrance is unisex as well, blending Sweet lemon, Petit grain and Bergamot for a citrus-sweet scent.

And then at dusk, Thé des Vignes – a sultry, sensual blend of White Musk, Neroli and Ginger, this is the must-have summer evening fragrance.

We’re sure you can mix them up if you want, right enough! I can’t decide on my favourite, so am alternating all three!

*Each fragrance is £25, available from Space NK

*If you buy them on the Caudalie website you can add an engraved personal message to the bottle